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Are you wondering WHAT all the EXCITEMENT is about???

These are our StarForceTeam Splash Pages for Freebie Force ... YOU can have personalized web sites just like these -- they are available to everyone in our Freebie Force TEAM for FREE.

BEST of all, Freebie Force is SO SIMPLE, FUN, and AFFORDABLE -- and the freebies really do include wonderful high value offers without having to jump through hoops to get them!

To see ONLY a FEW of the Freebies that I have personally received so far, Click Here and Here and Here

HOWEVER, even the above is ONLY A FRACTION of what has been available... Click Here to view a list of EXPIRED Freebies for an idea of the VARIETY!

The comp plan is VERY simple -- YET LUCRATIVE.

In fact, I've already started to receive -- AND GIVE -- "SPILLOVER"
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It's easy to go on and on, but it's ALL REALLY REALLY GOOD....
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You can also read our TESTIMONIALS (see a picture too!)
See our EXPIRED Freebies
Listen online to our Freebie Force CALLS
Visit my Freebie Force BLOG
EXTRA -- Watch this additional Super Cool Freebie Force MOVIE made by the Owners of Freebie Force! (Use one of my Freebie Force links to actually JOIN.)

Last But Not Least......

Here is Why YOU Should WANT to JOIN Our Freebie Force Team and ALSO, Why T-I-M-I-N-G is SO Important....


Join OUR Freebie Force Team, and YOU Can Become a Member of the

StarForce Team -- Where the Freebie Force ALL-STARS Come to Shine!

It's much more than one person ... it's a DYNAMIC group based on STRONG TEAM LEADERSHIP -- some of the TOP leaders in Freebie Force ... EXPERIENCED, DEDICATED, CREATIVE leaders who are COMMITTED to real TEAMWORK and to developing NEW top leaders.

Our aim is to help YOU SUCCEED with YOUR Freebie Force business IMMEDIATELY, so we provide our members PERSONAL SUPPORT and SPECIAL RESOURCES.

Besides the FIRST team site that I have made to help support you, myself, we ALSO have the StarForce Team web site.

Included in BOTH our team sites are LOTS of Training and Team Building Tools, such as the StarForce Team FAST START Manual, sample ads, flyers, banners, templates for emails and blog posts, special StarForce Team training audios, videos, Leaders' Blogs, plus News and Information Updates, our own StarForce Team FORUM, and Much MORE!

And the best part... all this support is F R E E !

We are dedicated to helping our Freebie Force StarForce Team members succeed and make a better life!

NOTE: My PERSONAL GOAL is to personally sponsor as many people as I possibly can WHILE STILL supporting and assisting my FreebieForce TEAM to do the same!

That is WHY I also created a Freebie Force Team web site and a Team Blog of my own with recorded calls to listen to online and other bits of info in addition to the main StarForce Team site... that way, you will have THE MOST SUPPORT of any Team in Freebie Force!



Our Freebie Force 30-minute Infomercial is ON THE AIR and will be broadcast nationwide for several years. It's SO exciting!

Thousands of new members will be joining our Freebie Force / StarForce Team.

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2 versions of the above StarForce Team Splash Page...
PLUS 2 Team Resource Sites and Blogs (StarForce Team and My Own)...PLUS the StarForce Team Forum, and MUCH More are YOURS.....ALL for FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE!!! ... When YOU Join Me AND The Starforce Team of Freebie Force!

Feel Free to Contact Me with Questions....
Pat Stang Contact Info: http://pstang.NoCashEver.com or by email freemoneyandstuff@cox.net.

Proud Member of the StarForce Team of Freebie Force!.We don't talk just about support ... We GIVE it!.

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Proud Member of the StarForce Team of Freebie Force