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Learn How to Get Referrals

This is for beginners to advanced entrepreneurs. Feel free to to skip through to the information you need about getting referrals:

How to Get Referrals Using Email Signatures

An Email signature usually consists of linked text. The text should be something to catch the readers' attention or peak their curiosity. The link should be to your blog, lens, or social network. I am not going to reinvent the wheel by telling you everything you need to know about email signatures since there are already some great resources available for you.

http://coolsig.com/ offers proverbial sayings for your emails.

Get Referrals Using Social Networks

Social Networks are Another Way to gain Referrals. First of all, every social network has either a profile page or place to put your signature line, so essentially every move you make on a social network will either drive traffic directly to you, or make your blog more search engine friendly. The rules of etiquette for social networks are basically the same as forum posting. Try to find popular topics to comment on, comment on blogs, create a blog. They are called "Social" networks for a reason.Everyone already knows about myspace and facebook, but did you know there are also some "Social Networks" that actually pay?

Get Referrals with Referral Exchange Programs

Until this point all of my posts could be applied to any program. This post is specifically catering to free business opportunities. There are several referral exchange programs and they all work on the basic same premises. You must take some sort of action to earn credits. In turn you use the credits to buy referrals for your own opportunities. Actions include but are not limited to joining someone else's OP, clicking links, and referring people.